I'm very grateful because they grew to love mathematics....Boitumelo Dywili

16 April 2020
Best program for your child's future!!!! - Michelle Grobler

31 May 2018
Danielle Du Plessis - A⁺Students teacher Elza from Cape Town is the best ever!

23 November 2016
Val Savioli-Petrini - We would like Lorenzo to continue with A⁺Students in 2017

21 November 2016
Thanks be to teacher Hantie for being such a patient loving teacher

14 November 2016
Caroline Matsimela - I was particularly amazed...kids..ability..."flash numbers''

3 November 2016
Lizette testimonial to A⁺Students teacher Reeva - Jaden is surprising me so much

17 October 2016
Thank you testimony from A⁺ Students teacher Marlize Greyvenstein

7 June 2016
I am so proud and so happy that we choose...A⁺Students

4 February 2016
Bernadine says, "A⁺Students take's away the maths phobia"

9 December 2015
A⁺Students is such an amazing foundation with dedicated teachers

1 December 2015
A⁺Students is dit wat ek verwag het en oneindig meer

26 November 2015
Tihan van Rooyen (Grade 6) testemonial

9 September 2015
Proud parents Ben and Nadine Pienaar Japan Camp 2015

26 August 2015
Monique Strauss - I want to thank Christelle Swart for creating this love for maths in my child

30 July 2015
Teacher Madelein Keep up the Good Work by Elvira A⁺Students Parent

19 May 2015
Alistair Mom's Says A⁺Students lessons are Dynamic, Fast-paced, Brilliant.

14 May 2015
Wendy Walker, Thanks A⁺Students for progress it has made on her son

16 March 2015
Testimonial from Claudia in Potschefstroom

5 March 2015
Johandre and Jano's love for A⁺Students

4 March 2015
A⁺Students is the best investment...by Venessa

23 February 2015
The Importance of Soroban Education and how it transformed my childrens lives by Martie Haasbroek

10 December 2014
Fatima Hasse A⁺Students turns little Kids to little professionals

22 September 2014
Testemony from Dakalo Mosetsho's Mom

6 June 2014
Bonnie Van Vollenhoven, Jaydene (Grade 1) Atholl Heights, KZN

6 April 2014
Bronwyn van der Lingen, Chezney (Grade 2) and Joshua (Grade R)

6 April 2014
Claire Gatonby, Ryan (Grade 2) Chelsea Preparatory Northway, Durban North, KZN

6 April 2014
Enter SEMAS in January 2011!

6 April 2014
Ingrid Green, Mitchell (Grade 5), Highbury Preparatory, KZN

6 April 2014
Jeff and Wendy Blackbeard, Ross (Grade 3), Winston Park Primary, KZN

6 April 2014
Michaela Lawrence (Grade 3), Crawford Lonehill Preparatory, Johannesburg

6 April 2014
Michelle Gordon, Emma (Grade R) Chelsea Preparatory Northway, KZN

6 April 2014
Natashia Reddy, Kyran (Grade R) Chelsea Preparatory Northway, Durban North, KZN

6 April 2014
Nikki Muslim, Leiha (Grade R) Gordon Road Primary School, Durban, KZN

6 April 2014
Stuart and Jill Milligan, Lloyd (Grade 1) Penzance Primary, KZN

6 April 2014
Tracy Hauptfleisch, Daniele (Grade R) Hillcrest Pre-Primary, KZN

6 April 2014