A⁺Students is the best investment...by Venessa



Our daughter Khanyisa Isabella Ngidi was enrolled at A+ Students in 2012 – 2014.  She did 2 years at Creche and 1 year at GradeR which she attended at Cliffview Pines.  For my husband and I, this was probably one of our best investments to date.  Not only did our daughter enjoy A+ Students, but she also excelled in it.  The programme really assisted her to appreciate and have keen interest in Maths and also assisted her immensely in resolving sums brilliantly.

Her progress over the three years was undoubtedly visible.  She enjoyed doing her homework with my help and that of her Father’ and even by herself for that matter.  She thoroughly enjoyed her class with Venessa to the fullest.  We must point out that Vanessa is a brilliant A+ Students teacher who gets very much involved and gives her all when she teaches the kids A+ Students.  For her it is not a job, but she has absolute love for what she does and she is amazing with the kids, ie. Impressively patient and gives each child her undivided attention.

In our experience, A+ Students is by far the most advanced and brilliant programme for the advancement of kids.  It undoubtedly stimulates them, grows their interest in Maths in general and without a doubt puts them at an advantage to their peers who are not exposed to A+ Students.  In the event that Venessa Vermeulen is given an opportunity at Cliffview Primary to give lessons at the school once a week, my husband and I would most definitely enrol Isabella again with no hesitation!

We highly recommend A+ Students by all means.  As we’ve already alluded, it is by far the best investment for parents and benefits most importantly the children in terms of their advancement with Mathematics in general, faster than other basic methods at our disposal.


Kind regards

Mr & Mrs Armstrong Ngidi

Parents to :  Isabella Khanyisa Ngidi, Grade1C