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5 - 8 years


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A+Students is a whole-brain development course aimed at children from 2 ½ years.
In the programme, we help children to develop both their left and right brain capabilities.
At the same time A+Students aims at creating a love for Maths.
A+Students enables learners to "see" Maths.
A+Students is much more than a mathematics course,
it will also heighten the skill level that learners need throuhout various learning areas, like
comprehension, concentration, the ability to listen and pay attention, creativity and
Our approach is "learing through play"
Our lessons are interactive, physical
and great fun.
The maximum class size is 7 learners per 45min or 1 hour lessons.

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A session typically starts off with brain gym, as it achieves integration of the left and right brain hemispheres. Thereafter, we practice flash cards and speed writing. The kids move about, on the carpet, on their feet, then we'll continually use the big soroban to familiarize them with the concept. Practicing finger excercises on the soroban will start to refine motor skills. This moves learning from the abstract to the concrete and helps them to grasp the notions of adding and subtracting, after which they will be able to step-up the numbers with which they are dealing.

Brain Gym
Speed Writing
Fun Brain Development colour and writing activities
Finger Practice on the Soroban
Soroban Calculations
Anzan (Mental Maths)
Speed Listening
Flash Cards

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Increase IQ by up to 25 points
Boost Self Confidence
Powerful Brain and Skills Development
Greater mental and memory capacity
Improved concentration & Listening Skills
Creates a love for maths
Enhances problem solving capability
Greatly enhance creativity
Gross and fine motor development
Time sense, handwriting and speedwriting
Improve photographic memory
Promotes intuitive thinking more Research

Take advantage of these benefits when you join A+Students:



SEMAS SA t/a A+Students offers Soroban (Abacus) Maths Extra Mural Course For Kids.
These Soroban (Abacus) maths extra-mural classes for children (from 30 months) consist of 3
age-appropriate courses. These lessons are offered by sensei's (teachers). Although it sounds
like mathematics (maths) lessons, it is the complete opposite.
A+Students is powerful brain development! It is similar to piano/chess for pre-school children.
You have to view this miracle. At A+Students we believe that learning starts with play.
Soroban (Abacus) and the skill of Mental Arithmetic called Anzan. In the classroom A+Students
do Brain Gym integrating the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Brain gym is excellent for
midline crossing and boosts energy. A+Students improves concentration and Boosts
Self-Confidence, Improves Intelligence
and creates a love for Maths.

A+Students offers career opportunities for the 'born to be teachers' all around South Africa. We have branches nationwide. A+Students also offers franchise opportunities in countries around the world. A+Students sister company PAMA South Africa Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association NPC is a member of PAMA International/Global. A+Students Participates in Competition annually.