International Affiliations



  A+ Students is a member of ISDF

We look forward to working closely with our Japanese partners to provide an ongoing and excellent curiculum to our students. The ISDF, International Soroban Diffusion Foundation, is a non – profit organization who propagates the spread of Soroban Education across the world Masao Fujii , who is a member of Japan Soroban Foundation and the Director General of ISDF has been given the task to set up an accreditation system for countries outside of Japan to examine and certify Kyu and Dan levels. This process has already started and we will notify once the system is in place.

The Japan Soroban Federation (Nihon Shuzan Renmei) is the’ authority on accreditation of the Kyu and Dan in Japan. They are the only Organization accredited to host Kyu and Dan exam in Japan. ISDF has hosted the Japan Soroban camps annually 200km outside of Tokyo since 1960. A+ Students was invited by Mr Fugii-san to the August 2014 camp. We will be returning every year with talented South African students!


From left to right: Mr Masao Fujii (Director General of ISDF), Marlene Mouton, Petrus Mouton, Norman Cloete, Sensei Rasamatsuri


  PAMA South Africa is a member of PAMA Glob

PAMA South Africa NPC is the sister company off A+ Students. PAMA Global is a non-profit organization, established in 1999.Its purpose is to promote abacus and mental arithmetic education through regular annual competitions.




International affiliations, suppliers and friends


Tomoe Soroban

Tomoe Soroban is named after Mrs. Tomoe Fugimoto. She has a centre in Tokyo with 50 students. Their main focus is their sales and distribution of Soroban and student materials. We love their handmade wooden Soroban and will be importing them to be available from January 2015.



Asahi Print

A+ Students is using as part of our curriculum the Soroban Text books supplied by Asahi print. Asahi Print supplies all Sensei’s in Japan these same textbooks. This way we know that our standard is exactly the same as required by the Japan Soroban Foundation.


Unshudo is a Soroban Manufacturer and Supplier. Unshudo was founded during the Early Meiji era in 1897 in Osaka. Today their offices are still based in Osaka. They manufacture high quality plastic Soroban.



Banshu(Onu) is a town small town outside Tokyu. You can visit the Soroban Museum there and definitely make time to meet the Daiichi family. They have a Soroban Village shop where children can build their own Soroban. All shape, sizes and colours. Mr. Daiichi will gladly take you on a tour through his Soroban workshop where craftsman make beautiful wooden Soroban by hand. Their cash register is a Soroban! This is a must for all visitors!

We plan to take our Japan Soroban Camp 2015 Team to visit Daiichi-J’s Soroban workshop.