Who is PAMA?

The supreme motto of PAMA, Pan Pacific Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association of Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, is to bring the leading abacus professionals under one roof, provide guidelines and code of conduct to impart abacus education to its members, to prevent the unauthorized and unrecognized abacus institutes to misguide and misdirect the parents and students through fake syllabus and course materials, provide a platform to the students to dream more as well as participate and contest with the fellow students from different participating countries in universally accepted abacus competitions, develop and horn the brain development of children as well as their overall attitude, expose the multi-talented skills of children before the global gathering as a step to shape them a leader.

Origin of the PAMA Association

World Association of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic has been founded in Beijing on October 28, 2002 uniting global and regional efforts from Taiwan, Mainland China, Japan, Korea, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Kingdom of Tonga, Thailand, Brunei to name a few. And a symposium for voting in the World Abacus and Mental Arithmetic assessment criteria and correspondence contest measure has been called upon on December 16, 2003 designating August 8 as the “World Abacus Day, a day that all countries around the world would stage celebratory activities, work together to reviving abacus and mental arithmetic learning trend in excelling the development of the abacus and mental arithmetic enterprise.

Purpose of the PAMA Association

Through invitation for gathering abacus elites under one roof, a united effort is sought to explore the IQ enhancing yield that abacus/mental calculation aptitude could offer through stepping up the exchange within the abacus sector, mirroring abacus skills of one another, as well as solidifying a consensus in the abacus field to excel the sector’s development and prosperity, and to globalize the craft of abacus worldwide by deep-rooting the venture in Taiwan for global outreach.