Fatima Hasse A⁺Students turns little Kids to little professionals

The A+ Students program speaks for itself!  It definitely makes me feel like a student in front of the kids because they certainly know the skills better than I do.  Honestly speaking they are my teachers in this field and have so much fun teaching and correcting me when I go wrong.  It’s the only program  I know that can turn little kids into little professionals in a very short time span....And what is a good program without a good Teacher?!  I would love to take this opportunity on behalf of myself,  Zakaria and Onthatile and their parents to show much gratitude to Sensei Alta.  “Thank you Alta!  I love good quality programs,  but I love good quality people more,  because that’s what makes the whole package!  and that’s what will keep us coming back for more!  I wish that our teachers in South Africa could adopt your awesome attitude towards every lesson.  You do it with such passion,  love and kindness it makes the children run towards learning.  Your awesomeness mixed with A+ Students brings life and light into my classroom.  It makes maths seem like nothing at all! Just the way it should be!  The kids adore you but I adore you more because they adore you.  As for this program and the abacus...seeing is believing and yet when you look  at  what the kids have achieved,... it’s so unbelievable!


Thank you for the confidence you instill  in them".  Ja nee! Hulle ken hulle ding!