Stuart and Jill Milligan, Lloyd (Grade 1) Penzance Primary, KZN

Lloyd achieved all 5's on his third term report for numeracy since advancing with SEMAS, which is an improvement on previous reports. I have noticed an improvement in other school marks during the same period. There has also been an improvement in Lloyd's confidence since starting with SEMAS. Lloyd is a shy child, however, with team involvement and enjoying a particular activity, he is growing in confidence and participation. Our SEMAS Instructor sends out a weekly email, keeping parents informed relating to work and progress. We also receive SEMAS Newsletters.

The weekly email from the SEMAS Instructor is greatly appreciated. It is informative for the parents and assists us in assisting our children with homework, and we too get to learn something new. Thank you and I hope that my son and I get to venture overseas with SEMAS in the future.