A⁺Students is such an amazing foundation with dedicated teachers

Hi Janine


Firstly I just wanted to say what an absolute privilege it has been for Jessica to be exposed to and to have done Cmaths here in the Lowveld.  I have watched in awe at how excited the kids are at doing mathematics and the learning and teaching capability – as you said at the end of year function it is about learning not just maths and that is also what makes it so awesome!  What an amazing journey it has been and all I can say is that I wish she had started it already in Grade 00!!  I was amazed at the Regional championships in Nelspruit at how eager and disciplined the kids were – Jess won gold and it was wonderful to see her enjoy it as well.

I also just personally wanted to thank you and Yolanda – your passion and dedication go above and beyond – it is teachers like you that touch the hearts of our kids and give them such an amazing foundation THANK YOU!

Best Regards and all the best for your expansion and Cmaths 2016!