Monique Strauss - I want to thank Christelle Swart for creating this love for maths in my child


This holiday, while playing outside, Meninke asked: Mommy - could we pleeeeaaase do some math exercises. It took me by total surprise. The amazing thing I realised at that moment was that - my child thought about maths while playing!!?? Could it be that she was thinking aboiut maths as being fun? It seems so - because during the whole holiday, she asked for some math as math exercises. This makes me deeply thankful, as I rememeber maths as being very "un-fun". I want to thank you for creating this love for maths in my child. Having two children in the CMATHS program - one 6 and one 5 years old, I experience the value of this program in a concrete way. Everywhere we go we are counting, doing sums, talking about numbers and solving small maths problems. 

Thank you for especially THREE very important areas of growth that i observed in my children: 

1. A LOVE for mathematics and numbers 

2. Evidence of the ability to solve small, concrete problems...and 

3. Self-confidence

I am looking forward to the future!!!


Yours Sincerely,

Monique Strauss