Alistair Mom's Says A⁺Students lessons are Dynamic, Fast-paced, Brilliant.

Good Day Juliet

Just wanted to drop you a quick note about how I have experienced your A+ Students classes through Alistair, as well as the lesson I sat in on. Firstly concerning the lesson teaching methodologies used during your lesson; the lessons are dynamic, fast-paced yet conscious of all learners’ abilities, fun and exciting. The learners are exposed, within the short space of time allowed during a lesson, to all the components of A+ Students. There is only one way to describe it, it is like you are actually seeing the little brains processing their thoughts all the time – brilliant!

On a personal level with Alistair, he enjoys the classes and never complains about coming to lessons (this is a huge statement right there). After his second lesson he was able to teach me all the concepts and processes behind using the abacus; this is a very powerful thing to do as it means he had consolidated his knowledge and understanding and was able to transfer that to be able to teach me, hence using his meta-cognitive functions. This means, to me, that he was not just doing ‘extra maths’, he KNEW and UNDERSTOOD exactly what he was doing and why – that is half the battle won already when it comes to the abstract-natured subject of mathematics.

He has already shown transfer of knowledge and skills into his maths work at school, without any prompting, as he is doing Anzan Abacus computation when doing his school maths homework.

Very excited to see how this concept develops as we move up the levels of A+ Students. So, after one term of A+ Students I know we have made a wonderful decision to travel the maths path, the A+ Students way.

Have a super day further 

Kind Regards

 Denise Ann Poole


Educational Consultant