Natashia Reddy, Kyran (Grade R) Chelsea Preparatory Northway, Durban North, KZN

Kyran has not been doing maths at school previously however it is amazing to see someone his age perform maths calculations in his head. He has amazed me and others! I have noted that he is more focused and has developed a liking for maths as a result of his attendance at SEMAS classes. SEMAS has certainly illustrated to him that practice makes perfect and his love for maths has grown as his performance has improved.

It is wonderful to see him strive for something - working towards achieving a high test mark, and now we have been talking about how nice it would be to represent SA in the International Competition. He realises to get there he will have to work really hard. It is obvious that his instructor loves what she does, and that is vital to transfer that love to my child. She is caring and loving and this is awesome. The general admin and service levels are above average. For me it has been money very well spent.