Nikki Muslim, Leiha (Grade R) Gordon Road Primary School, Durban, KZN

There has definitely been an improvement from Leiha since starting SEMAS. She doesn't get marks at this stage of her schooling, but I have noticed a change. Her attention span and concentration level has improved. She has grasped the concept so well, which amazes me, and there has been an improvement in other aspects of her school work. I have started teaching her words and spelling and have also been using the visualisation technique (taught at SEMAS), which has been great.

We are kept well informed as to the progress and lessons of the class promptly after each lesson. The girls in the class are advancing at their own levels and I am glad that the stronger ones are. being allowed to move ahead at their own pace and not kept back to accommodate the rest of the class. Learning something new, especially maths, is always a challenge, but my child is always eager about her lessons. She does not have a fear of maths as we all had as kids.

Thanks to SEMAS she finds it exciting and fun, and to see her face when she gets the answers correct - PRICELESS!