"I'm sending this email to tell you how impressed I am with the A-Plus classes..." - Nolene Beyers

Hi Ghita,  My son, Divan Beyers is in Durbieland (Kameelperd klassie).

I'm sending this email to tell you how impressed I am with the A-Plus classes and how you managed it with the Zoom classes during the lockdown.

Divan is in Annelize's group/ class and she is amazing. I send her a message to let her know how much he has learned and sometimes we can pick it up with small things. I was telling her about the fact that he started asking if an object is lighter than something else or when he is in the bath he will wonder and also ask me if I think the toy will sink or not.

He counts well, they also started learning about money which gives them an idea how it works to pay for something. Me and my husband both were amazed with the type of things they are taught. Some of which we might think is basic, but it's still something they need to understand.

And if they can learn this now, it will just make things so much easier for them to understand. Other things they learn, I thought he won't understand it now at this age, but he actually does. Annelize teaches them so well and really knows how to keep their attention and to get them to interact even with the zoom classes.
Well done on how you guys managed it during the lockdown. We were now able to see what they learn and how beneficial it is. All the best going forward. Divan will attend the A-Plus classes at Durbieland from 6th July.
- Nolene Beyers