Bronwyn van der Lingen, Chezney (Grade 2) and Joshua (Grade R)

Chezney's teacher has commented that her maths skills are exceptional. Joshua's teacher has commented that he has a love of numbers and has improved greatly with his numeracy skills. Both of their reading skills have improved. Chezney has always been a confident little girl, and Joshua was always very shy, but lately has really come out of his shell and is showing a huge improvement in self confidence. Chezney has always been a social and confident child but lately she has been completely confident in her maths skills... to the degree that she is even teaching her little brother.

With Joshua, the social interaction at classes has had a huge positive effect on his shyness. Joshua loves to be given a task and to be acknowledged when he gets it right. I think SEMAS has helped improve his self confidence in a huge way, since he is learning and achieving something in his SEMAS lessons, and it gives him a wonderful sense of achievement. I read every feedback note and it is so nice to see the SEMAS teachers show a genuine concern and affection for the children.