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About A+Students

A+Students is a multi-award winning leading Franchise in the Education sector offering Abacus & Mental Arithmetic training and application thereof in Mathematics. Operating from independent dedicated Branded outlets A+Students is the only institution which integrates the Ancient art of Abacus and Mental Arithmetic with School Mathematics and combined with the range of A+Play Maths products and games offers Internationally Recognized and proven results to its clients.

The A+Students Franchise Opportunities include profitable business models ranging from single Franchise units to area licences as well as International Master Territory licences offering a high return on investment within a stable and Worldwide Growing Sector. The structured courses with various levels cater for students from 36 months and continue well into teenage years ensuring lasting knowledge and training imparted on the student but also longevity for the business.

Courses offered by A+Students Branches are inclusive of:

• Mini Genius for 3 - 5 year olds, 

• Kids Genius for 5 - 8 year olds,

• Young Genius for students 9+ and

• Junior Genius for Grade 4 - 12 students at selected branches.

A+Students is powerful brain development! A+Students improves concentration and boosts self-confidence, improves intelligence and creates a love for Maths.

 Individual branches can be contacted for further information.


Marlene Mouton

From the desk of Marlene Mouton

 I completed my BSc Ed degree at the then Rand Afrikaans University (RAU), now known as the University of Johannesburg(UJ). I was always passionate about education and became a Mathematics and Science teacher at Hoërskool  Roodepoort from 1994 - 2000. Whilst being an educator I still continued offering extra Maths classes at my home and other venues from 2000 to today. In 2000 I embarked on a new journey as a Medical Representative for a Pharmaceutical Company and this provided me with invaluable sales experience.

I was appointed PAMA South Africa (Pan Asian Mathematics Association) President in 2012.This appointment enable students to participate annually at the PAMA Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competitions around the world. This year we are taking 43 students to represent South Africa in USA. Previous year we competed in India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong .  In 2015, my company, SEMAS SA, trading as A⁺Students was awarded ISDF (Institute of Soroban Diffusion Foundation) membership. This membership enables us to take a group of A⁺Students to an annual Soroban camp in Tokyo, Japan. This year will be our second attendance at the camp with 20 South African students. A⁺Students also scooped the ROCCI  Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industry)  Small Business of year 2013 award and in 2014 the Educational Business of Year runner up. My greatest motivation for starting Soroban Education was the fact that I, as a matric Maths & Science teacher, witnessed first-hand how matriculants were struggling with Differentiation and many other Mathematical topics. Not because they don’t understand Differentiation for example, they do, but in the process of completing, showing the steps when they solve the problem, they lose most marks because they cannot add, subtract, multiply and  divide.

In 2005, I saw an insert on Carte Blanche where 5 year old Japanese children were doing the most amazing sums adding, subtracting dividing and multiplying large numbers in seconds, mentally. I did not sleep for days and I eventually found Soroban Education and that was the start of our journey. Since then A+Students has participated in 7 international competitions. We have met the Science minister from Thailand and our sojourns into Asia cannot ever be measured. We have grown from just a handful of international participants to huge groups. We have gone from bronze medals and now we can even boast with gold and this was won competing against the best mathematicians in the world.




A+Students was established in 2005 and launched on 19 September

2006. We started with our rebranding process in 2013 and kicked off our

new brand name A+Students with a national advertising campaign on DSTV.


                       dstv campaign



       HOW DOES A+Students WORK? 

A+Students is a Japanese method of education
that teaches children as young as 2½  (30 months)
to solve complex arithmetic problems by playing
with educational toys like the Soroban and our

A+Play Maths range
of educational toys. A+Students is powerful
brain develepment! A+Students improves concerntration

andboosts self-confidence, improves intelligence and
creates a love for Maths.

dstv campaign                             


A session typically starts off with brain gym, as it
achieves integration of the left and right brain hemispheres.
Thereafter, we practice flash cards and speed writing.
The kids move about, on the carpet, on their feet, then
we'll continually use the big soroban to familiarize them
with the concept. Practicing finger exercises on the
will start to refine motor skills. This moves
learning from the abstract to the concrete and helps them
to grasp the notions of adding and subtracting, after
which they will be able to step-up the numbers with
which they are dealing.











brain development










Brain Gym
Speed Writing
Fun Brain Development activities
Finger Practice on the Soroban
Soroban Calculations
Anzan (Mental Maths)
Speed Listening
Flash Cards
Flash Anzan
Multiplication Tables
Brain Games
School Maths











A+Students hosts annual Regional and National competitions.

A+Students non-profit sister company, PAMA South Africa is
an approved member of the Pan Pacific Abacus and
Mental Arithmetic Association of Taiwan
Chamber of Commerce.
Our children
represent South Africa at the annual
international PAMA competition
held in different country annually.





























































Increase IQ by up to 25 points
Boost Self Confidence
Powerful Brain and Skills Development
Greater mental and memory capacity
Improved concentration & Listening Skills
Creates a love for maths

Enhances problem solving capability
Greatly enhance creativity
Gross and fine motor development
Time sense, handwriting and speedwriting
Improve photographic memory







Offers Soroban(Abacus) Maths Extra Mural Course for kids.
These Soroban(Abacus) maths extra mural classes for children (from 30 months) consist of 3
age-appropriate courses.
These lessons are offered by senseis(teachers). Although it sounds
like mathematics(maths) lessons, it is the complete opposite.
A+Students is powerful brain development! It is similar to piano/chess for pre-school children.
You have to view this miracle. At A+Students we believe that learning start with play,

Soroban(Abacus) and the skill of Mental Arithmetic called Anzan. In the classroom A+Students
do Brain Gym intergrating the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
Brain gym is excellent for midline crossing and boosts energy.
A+Students improves concentration and boosts self-confidence, improves intelligence and creates
a love for Maths.