A⁺Students Introduced a Community Project

A+ Students introduced a community project, which started in November 2012 with 7 students from a local community in called Zandspruit. A+ Students gave their current teacher an opportunity to search for the students at the ages between 5-6 from this community and started teaching them Maths with a Japanese Soroban which creates a love for maths, boost self confidence, photographic memory and increases IQ by 25 points.

In 2013 these kids shown an improvement in Maths on their schools and both the parents and the kids have not looked back from the project. They love it, 6 of them took part on the regional competition in which received 1 champion of champions (Didintle Malebane), 3 champions (Viwe Mhambi, Koketso Ramorola and Liyema Zazela), 1 gold medal (Dakalo Musetsho) and 1 silver medal (Lerato Mofukeng). This qualified these kids to partake on the 2013 nationals.

In the same year the project was able to move to other level and took part on A+ Students competition on a National level. The kids where so excited to partake on the competition and received 1 Gold medal (Didintle Malebane), 5 silver medals (Viwe Mhambi, Koketso Ramorola, Liyema Zazela, Dakalo Musetsho and Lerato Mofukeng).